We want to make you and your little camper happy!
Thank you.

My 5 year old was sure that camp was not of her after only one day at a local rec center which ended in tears. Once she met Miss Leila, that completely changed. What a lovely bundle of sunshine…Miss Leila is a natural with kids. What I thought would be a stressful day for both me and my child, turned out to be the opposite. My daughter felt very important as her “assistant” and never shed a single tear. At the end of her first day, she said she wanted to go to Season Explorers for the rest of the summer! (What a relief; I just started a new job so I had no other choice!)
I wish every child had this experience – being outside, in nature, with animals and with a director that truly cares about children. All the counselors I’ve met have a high social and emotional capacity – and the older children are encouraged to hang out with the littles (which my daughter has LOVED)! What a wonderful place….Happy camping 🙂

Sara Chamberlain

Colfax Camp Rocks!

Ms. Leila and her staff do an incredible job keeping the kids engaged and happy. Every day the girls came home excited to share what they had done, created and learned. Colfax Camp is a wonderful place to give your kids a magical experience – where else can they be olympic athletes, wizards, super heroes, farmer wedding planners, lego engineers and more in just one summer?

Jaime Burke

Amazing Summer with Miss Leila!

Colfax Camp exceeded our expectations! My kids did not want to get picked up! Her energy and creativity was evident in every activity, every day. I highly recommend to for kids of all ages. My kids loved that each week had a different theme…and of course being with their favorite Miss Leila! Thank you for an amazing summer!

Joanna Belson

Amazing Dedication…Best Camp in town!

We heard about Colfax Camp when we registered our son for Transitional Kindergarten in the Spring of 2015. We thought it would be the perfect transition from pre-K to elementary school and give our son the confidence needed in his first year of school. Ms. Leila and camp counselors are incredible!!! We are finishing our 2nd year at Colfax Camp and the dedication Leila and her staff have to the kids is incredible. It’s a great feeling as a parent to drop your child off to a place that is fun, safe, and where the director is so dedicated to making it a great experience for every kid and for every parent. We love Colfax Camp!!!!


from Jessica

We feel very lucky to have such an amazing director as Leila Wells! The energy she and her staff have are amazing! We are greeted with a friendly hello, they know all the kids names, which makes them feel so special! My daughter loves the different themes, and looks forward to going! I cannot give this camp enough stars!!! Thank you all for what you do Colfax Summer Camp!

Jessica Pink

Colfax Camp is Amazing!

Mrs. Leyla does such an amazing job keep the children entertained, creating memories and most of all she keeps them safe.

Jagger & Eden always love coming back!

Congrats to Mrs. Leyla and her team for another successful Summer.


Cristen Hudson

Best camp in the Valley!

Ms. Leila’s camp has truly been a blessing for my family. Both of my kids absolutely adore and respect her and enjoy all of the activities that she masterminds. Her energy is ongoing and contagious and the respect and love that she shows ALL the campers is transparent. Colfax camp is one of the best camps in the valley!!!!! Thank you Ms. Leila for going above and beyond.

Nilsa, Zay, & Sean


Awesome Summer Camp!!!!

Our son has loved the summer camp at Colfax. He has looked forward to going every day and loves the way they have had different themes every week. He loved the Star Wars week, the Lego week and the Super Hero week. There always seems like so much to do for him there. He is proud to bring home the projects that he was created while at the camp. Ms. Leila is Awesome! She treats all the kids like they are her own. The passion she has for this school is so inspiring for all of us as parents. We made the right choice picking Colfax Summer Camp for Ethan. Looking forward to next year!!!

The Dare Family

Kristine & Dana Dare

Leila @ Colfax Camp is an extension of our family

Leila Wells, and all of the wonderful counselors at Colfax Camp, love our kids – and it shows. She puts her heart into this camp and always has the best interests of our kids. She is a true gem and I know my kids are in the best hands and having a blast!

Shari Korn

Once in a Lifetime Experience!!!

From the first time I met Leila, my son Matty was in a great period of transition in his young life. Leila made him feel welcome and secure. Leila and all the coaches care so deeply for the well being of all the children, I can’t imagine Matty’s summer without Colfax Camp. He’s also gone there for Winter Camp. The kids have so much fun, they don’t ever wanna leave. A true sign that this camp rocks!!! To Leila and all the Coaches… We love you all. ❤ Matty & Eliot Mitchell ☺

Eliot Mitchell

The Unique Colfax Camp and Its Creator, Amazing Ms Leila!

My daughter, Veronica, has been attending Ms. Leila’s Colfax Camp for 5 years straight, both summer and winter! Veronica always looks forward to seeing her friends, catching up with the amazing coaches, and participating in the exciting activities Ms. Leila always has in store for her Chakalakas. Ms. Leila and her family give so much of their heart, creativity, and positivity into these summer camps by teaching the young generation new skills, respect, leadership, and fair play. Veronica never fails to come home with a huge smile on her face, exhausted, and always excited to talk about her day with the other kids and the medals she’s accomplished at the camp. Ms. Leila’s coaches are also very caring and it is apparent they get to know each child individually, making me feel beyond safe sending my child to Ms. Leila’s camp. Events and themes change week to week, from Harry Potter to sports, special guests, Star Wars, Legos…as Ms. Leila’s creativity keeps all kids engaged in a fun, safe learning environment. Farm Wedding Week is the best! Only Ms. Leila can work this hard and have fun, all along! Thank you, Ms. Leila!

Laura Tiu

Best camp EVER!

Leila puts her heart and soul into her camp and it SHOWS!! I feel so lucky that my boys get to go to Colfax camp with Mrs. Leila and her crew every year! Hearing my kids talk about the amazing things that happen every day at camp is so wonderful! Big thanks to Leila and all the counselors!!!

Rich Family

Best Summer Camp in Town!!!

Colfax Camp has been one of the greatest experiences for our son Lucas. He has been there for the last 2 years and can’t wait to go again this year. Leila Wells goes above and beyond for all her kids there (or as she says “Chakalakas!”). Leadership skills, listening, self-confidence, and respect were all attributes that my wife and I saw improve with our son throughout the summer. Most impressive to us is that Ms. Leila finds a way to do all of this in a fun, safe environment where family is first! the same goes for the Winter Camp as well! Don’t miss out on that. 🙂 Both Leila and her own family have truly made a difference in our lives and the lives of so many families in our community. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

innis & amita casey
innis casey photography

Leila is the best!

Leila Wells is a gem. She makes every child feel special and included. Camp Colfax is a wonderful place to spent summer break and winter break, anytime really! The camp activities are exciting and fun and keep the kids interested and engaged. Leila runs this camp with love and attention you won’t get anywhere else. Colfax camp rocks!!

Addison and Delaney Klunder

Lisa Walco

There is one thing you know for sure about Colfax Camp– Leila pours her heart and soul into it– and boy, does it show! There is nothing she wouldn’t do to go the extra mile to ensure fun is had by all each and every day. Her tireless efforts show in the fact that our kids come home happily dirty every day! It is, and she is, THE BEST!

Lisa Walco

On behalf of the Wades…

With the new camp season upon us, I wanted to share our household excitement that I now need to quell until June! This will be the 5th year that one or both of our boys have attended Leila’s fantastic Colfax Camp, and we all couldn’t be happier! From the boys’ points of view, they arrive to a new weekly theme on Monday and are excited to discover how the week unfolds. Between sports, arts, cooking, special quests and theme-specific activities like Star Wars, Legos, Harry Potter, they are cared for by Leila and her crew of terrific coaches, and all they know is that they’re having fun! From our parent points of view, the coaches are kind and caring, creating a sense of security that makes us feel totally confident at the drop off. We love Colfax Camp!

The Wade Family

Ethan, Dee & Alexa Lawrence

Colfax Camp is the best camp ever! Miss Leila and her amazing staff are so fantastic with the kids, with the unique themes each week, caring for our kids, loving them, making them laugh, playing, bonding with each other – it’s a wonder they ever want to come home! In fact, most of the time, they don’t want to come home! 🙂 Our daughter Alexa, now in 1st grade, attended Summer Camp before Kindergarten, made best friends, and learned about all the amazing things that make up Colfax Charter. Since then, she’s attended both Colfax Winter and Summer Camp and can’t wait for this Summer’s Lego Week and Farm Wedding Week (yes, only Miss Leila could marry off a couple of animals to the delight of kids!) Alexa loves each and every week of Miss Leila’s themes, from Star Wars to Olympic Games – her favorite is Lego Week, but this Summer’s Carnival Time might give it a run for its money. She’s made so many friends, learned new skills, built things, painted things, cared for animals, challenged herself physically, socially, and we as parents have reveled in her pure joy and excitement. Miss Leila seems to know exactly what kids want and delivers a one-of-kind camp specializing in love, excitement and laughter. One time, she missed a day due to illness, and all she could say was “I’m going to miss feeding the pig today!” She comes home exhausted every day, always dirty and thrilled about what all the kids had done. Leila and her committed staff really are remarkable with the kids. It’s such a gift to have a camp where you know all your child’s friends will be there! I wish there had been a camp like Miss Leila’s when I was a kid! Our daughter cherishes every moment she has at Colfax Camp, and we as parents are grateful for it.

Ethan, Dee & Alexa Lawrence

WOW- What a gift!

Within the first few minutes of meeting Leila and her wonderful staff, you will understand what makes Colfax Camp so special. Whether it’s the week of the Rabbit Wedding or the World Cup Soccer Matches, there is a role for everyone; a loving and inclusive environment created ,and LOADS OF FUN TO BE HAD. Leila has a unique ability to make each camper feel loved and important..My now 2nd grade son has attended each summer and comes home empowered, enthusiastic and exhausted. One of the best parts of the summer camp experience is that it affords incoming kindergartners a relaxed and fun- filled opportunity to explore their new school and make new friends prior to that nerve wracking first day of school. ( By the way- the first day, I ever dropped Charlie off prior to his kinder year, Leila saw that I was a wreck- dropping my son off at this new big place-and she gave and understanding hug AND her phone number so that I could call her as much as I needed.:)) I Cant say enough about this sweet, creative and love-filled summer experience!

Paula Lisbe

The Campagna Family

Dear Ms. Leila,

The “Harry Potter” Week was the BEST experience of my WHOLE life. My favorite thing is Harry Potter, so you can imagine how much I loved the camp. I loved the potions class and especially the quidditch matches! I can’t wait to play another match this year with my new firebolt! Thanks for letting me have this great experience. I can’t wait to come again!


The Campagna Family


Our family absolutely LOVES Colfax winter AND Colfax summer camp!!! Ms Leila and her staff are the bomb!!!! They love the kids!!!! They give them all kinds of wonderful things to do!!! And the kids learn while they play!!! My two
children come home happy… and tired!!! It’s wonderful!!!! ???? Thank You Ms Leila for all that you do!!!!!! We love you!

Susan Lindheim

Colfax Camp is a a truly magical place! Leila and her staff put so much time, creativity, energy, love and pure joy into each and every week of camp, transforming the school playground and classrooms into whole different worlds for the kids. My daughter Michele (2nd grade now) has attended summer and winter camps since the summer before kindergarten (so 3 full summers and 3 winter camps and she’s already discussing next summer). She loves each and every week of programming, even ones outside her natural “interest” or “comfort zone” — especially those. She’s learned many new skills, artistic, social and athletic, and as a parent I’ve seen her truly grow and blossom in the context of camp. She really can’t bear to miss a day of activities! She comes home exhausted, often sweaty, sometimes filthy and always excited about what they’ve experienced, participated in and learned. Leila and her carefully chosen and highly dedicated staff really are truly incredible with the kids. It’s such a treasure to have this camp so close to home! I wish I could go to Leila’s camp! I wish my summer camp experiences had been half this good!
Susan Lindheim

the Morris Family

Dearest Leila

Last Summer we have had the distinct pleasure of having our son Ryan as a student in your Colfax Summer Camp. despite his autism, after just the first week he developed a strong sense of confidence, responsibility with a charming attitude. you are an outstanding leader with incredible organizational skills, drive and ambition. Your crew and your hard work, willingness to go the extra mile and amazing spirits helped tremendously in making our son a happier chlid and in turn, us, a much happier family. we are ALL looking forward to Winter Camp!!!
the Morris Family

Jacobson Family

Leila Wells and Colfax Camp was the best thing that could have happened to our son Donnely the Summer before he entered Kindergarten. Participating in this summer camp gave him the opportunity to make friends and establish relationships before the school year began. What a gift for a boy with the Kindergarten anxiety!!! He also became completely acclimated to the campus, feeling perfectly comfortable and confident in his surroundings the first day at school. Leila has the most incredible energy and love for her campers. She makes it a point to get to know all the children and develop a special relationship with each one. Her love of life is contagious and impacts the kids that attend the camp. Leila makes every day a special and exciting not only for the children, but also the parents. Thank you Chacalaka!

 Thank you for all your support! We appreciate all of you and our little campers.
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