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Season Explorers Term and Conditions, and Camp Policy

We require any third-party company or representative that comes to camp to show proof of vaccine or negative covid test before entering our campus.

There is a risk of covid19 in crowded places or where people are in closer proximity. 
The user of our program must assume all risks; Season Explorers, Mrs. Leila Wells, faculty and staff, and LAUSD are not responsible if such assumption happens. Parents or guardians will be responsible and liable for any costs, claims, lawsuits, and damages arising directly or indirectly from its user.

(Coach in Training) CITs Teenager Program must have the Covid19 vaccine to join the program.

  1. Refunds from Season Explorers Program may be issued for long term illness only. 5 (five) consecutive camp days or more, provide that we receive a signed note from a licensed physician within 3 days after illness. There will be a $20 administration fee. Allow 3-6 weeks for processing our refunds. 
  2. All Explorers’ deposits or registration fees are absolutely non-refundable. No exceptions.
  3. Written permission must be provided if you wish your child to be released to anyone other then those authorized on the registration form. 
  4. Any authorized medication that your childs is in need of must be prescribed by a physician, label appropriately with the name of the child and medication dosage instructions. 
  5. Although parents are welcome to observe our program, for the safety of our campers during pandemic, we will continue to follow LAUSD and CDC Regula-tions. Season Explorers reserve the right to keep campus for staff and campers only this Summer
  6. Staff reserves the right to change or alter program at any time without notice.
  7. Staff is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. 
  8. Program activities occur 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., regular hours. 
  9. Extended care hours are 8:00am to 6:00pm. 
  10. After 6:00 p.m., if explorers are still in school grounds, there will be a charge of $1.00 per minute assessed to your bill in addition. 
  11. Parents of children using inappropriate language or behavior will be notified and required to come for a conference with program coordinators. If behavior does not improve, we reserve the right to dismiss the student and tuition will be forfeited.
  12. Season Explorers Program will try to accommodate all students, and we will try to remedy any issue that may arise, but we reserve the right to dismiss camp-ers with behavior issues.
  13. Allergies and food concerns must be detailed explain at registration form, for explorer safety. If not, Season Explorers Program will not be responsible for inappropriate snack served.
  14.  Your child, a minor has my permission to participate in all activities inside Season Explorers Program prem-ises, I further agree to relieve the Season Explorers Program Facility and  em-ployees from any liability for injury to my child resulting from and/or in connection with activities in the program. I , undersigned, as a parent/guardian of the above mentioned, do hereby authorization to Season Explorers Program to act as agent for the undersigned, to consent to any x-ray examination, anesthetic, medical or surgical diagnosis, treatment/hospital care which is deemed advisable, and is to be rendered under the provision of the Medical Practice Act and on the medical staff of licensed said physician or at said hospital. This authorization is given in advance of any specific consent. This authorization is given in pursuant to the provision of Section 25.8 of the Civil Code of California.
  15. I have read and understand the general Policies to participate at Season Ex-plorers Program. I hereby agree to abide by all above mentioned policies and practices and further understand that transgression of these policies may cause my child to be expelled from Season Explorers Program with out refund.
  16. By accepting/signing this registration you agree to the Colfax Camp terms and policies.