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Is there a dress code? Do they have to wear a camp T-shirt?

We encourage all the explorers to come with comfortable and not so fancy clothes because we are a hands on fun type of Camp and we want your child to play sports, garden, do arts and crafts freely and not stress out getting dirty. We do reinforce and ask all of our explorers to come with closed shoes and not about sandals or open toe shoes for their safety and also to bring extra clothes just for safety in case they need it. Season Explorers t-shirts are available for purchase if explorers want it. Please label all their belongings, sometimes they have identical backpacks or water bottles etc.

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Is the location of Season Explorers open inside the whole school? Tell me about the Team How are coaches selected?

No, Season Explorers is located inside a selected area at Colfax Charter School, but this area is totally gated and separate from the rest of the School and it will be exclusive for Season Explorers only.

* All our gates are locked by 9:15am and open again at dismissal time – we always have a coach or a coordinator at the front gate welcoming and checking in and checking out our explorers.

* To get inside our site to drop off an item for your child you must call us in advance please, because the gates will be locked all day. A phone number of our site will be attached by the entrance gate.

*One coach plus one Jr. coach for 10 explorers

*Our coaches and special guests are fingerprinted and they go through a rigorous selection process that includes references and recommendations.

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What will my child be doing all day? Are they playing with other kids of different ages? What is the program ratio?

Season Explorers is an enrichment program based on respect, teamwork and socialization skills. Focusing on encouraging the explorers to be independent and able to express their needs and creativity throughout our fun themes that are weekly changed. Based on the theme of the week the explorers will play sports, do arts and crafts, gardening, dance, music and even some drama classes. They are all divided by their ages groups, and we’ll rotate the classes during the day making sure everyone will have a chance to participate in all activities. Our ratio is 1 coach plus 1 Jr. coach with 10 explorers. The only time that all explorers will be rounded together is in our morning meeting, when we are talking about our daily schedule or celebrating someone’s birthday or having lunch or snack together. In all sports and different activities that they will perform, they will be divided by their aged group.

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Does this program provide lunch?

No. All Explorers must bring their lunch – Our program provide two snacks during the day, juice and filtered water.
If your child is allergic to anything, please make a note on the registration form and if they are taking medication, you must provide a doctor’s note.</span?

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Does this program do field trips?

No, we do not take our explorers out of our campus, but we do bring attractions and qualified entertaining companies to our location, such as super heroes characters, qualified coaches for different activities, as yoga, martial, music, arts etc.

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What is the Camp Directorʼs background?

Mrs. Leila Wells is originally from Brazil – Sao Paulo. Grown up in a family of 3 sisters. Learn to share and respect and be respected. Since as a kid has a passion for animlas and love the outdoors.
Graduated in Early Child Development and tought Kindergarten for 6 years – 2 in a Public School and 4 in a Private School. Also graduated in Marketing and Adversiting at Anhembi-Morumbi University in Sao Paulo – Brazil.
Mrs. Wells also was invited to work for 3 year consecutive during the summer in a very prestigie sleep over camp called “Rainbow” in the city of Itu – in Sao Paulo. There, she learned a lot about administrative work as well organizing and praparing the activities for the program. She was also able to experiment and see for herself what works the best or not in a camp environment. When Mrs. Wells moved to Los Angeles she studied at Santa Monica College learning english as second language and later was able to attended UCLA and study Interior Design. As the years passed by worked in different places as Hilton Hotel and Beverly Wilshire as interior design assistance, later on after given birth of twins boys, got involve in a lot of sports as a coach or assistant coach – also learning how to teach the kids to work as a team, deal with parents and the necessary communication to inform about practice, games, etc.
As her kids enter in a Kindergarten Mrs. Wells decided to go back to work and started working for LAUSD as teacherʼs aide and school yard superviser. As the years passed she was invited to create and coordinate the Science Lab at current school that she still working – Colfax Charter Elementary School. In 2005 started taking care the farm animals at Colfax and founded the Farm Club – a place where students now are autorized to use, learn, and enjoy closely the animals. In 2007 created and found for the first time at Colfax the Summer and Winter Program – Camp is been running for almost 10 years and she is looking forward to continue doing and coordinating the program for many and many more years to come.
As a Coordinator at Season Explorers Mrs. Wells knows the importance of team work and respect, as well be prepared and trained for any circunstances. She keep her first aid classes and training up dated as well back up planning for emergency as earthquakes, fire, evacuation or lock down. Mrs. Wells also has a strong believe that every single kid must be heard and respected in many ways because each one has different abilities and skills. She also beleives that camp is a place where kids are suppost to have fun, make friends and create memories

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What are the ages of the Coaches ?

Coaches ages varies between 22 years old and up. Jr coaches varies between 14 years old and up/ ( jr coaches are not the main coach – they are coaches assistants) for us (Camp) it is very important to have a matured coach as a leader – respect/patience/responsibility are main character that we look to have in all our coaches.

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What is the percentage of returning coaches?

Camp is very lucky! The majority of coaches and Jr coaches are with camp since it’s beginning. 8% are strongly in – 2% out.

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What are the coach to camp ratio?

Camp ratio is 10 to 12 campers per 1 coach plus a jr coach (teeneger age 15/16 -helping the main coach). Campers are not allowed to go to restroms by themselves – they must go with coach or jr coach that will always be outside restrooms waiting for them and guiding through the bathroom breaks.

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How does the camp handle campers with special needs?

First of all, Camp expected that parents or guardians of the camper with special needs would be honest with us and provide the necessary information. Depending on the camperʼs needs, The Camp Coordinator will decide, with the parents, the best way or show options to how that camper will thrive. In some cases, campers may need one-on-one coaches, and if the parents do not know how to get one, the Camp is willing to provide information and resources to accommodate the camperʼs need better. It is essential to us (Camp) that all campers with special needs receive what is necessary to accomplish their tasks, have fun in our program, and achieve their goals. Camp Coordinators and coaches are trained to serve and be confidential regarding this matter.

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What training do coaches/counselors received?

Step 1: At Colfax Summer & Winter Camp since itʼs begining coaches and jr. coaches are selected carefuly by the founder and director Mrs. Wells. It is very important to her that any applicant for the job believe and respect her rules and regulations – as she say …” I must see grace, respect, silliness, room to grow, enthusiasm, communication, pontuallity ,” believe in magic”, like the outdoors, willing to dress up, play and compete like the campers, be a team player, be careful, be aware, have commun sense, and most of all, are willing to have fun! Those are the beginning of our selection and 1st step to became a coach.

step 2 : When selected and invited to work at our program, coaches must provide finger print and TB test. After, they are all invited to an oientation where they receive a packdge with camp rule and regulations. Important phone numbers and instructions for emergency cases., maps and first aid log and supplies. During the orientation “rules and regulations” are explained and camp coordinator is available for questions. Coaches also have the opportunity to introduce themselves and find out what they have in commun with other coaches. Share their knowlodge and experience, games, activities and ideas.
Coaches also received orientation regarding a special need campers, as well information about campers with allergy and other needs. They learn how to use the eppen and basic first aid – but all of them are incouraged to participate and financially exponsered by camp to do a first aid class. They are also trained to use eletronic equipments, and other school material, as well to identify emergency exits and possible hazards areas. Different situations/problems are exposed during camp orientation and coaches are invited to solve or control the problem.

Step 3: Finalize the orientation with no problem or questions unsolved! Orientationb is mantatory to all coaches.

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What is the Camp philosophy and program emphasis?

Colfax Summer and Winter Camp is an enrichment program created to serve campers age Pre-School to 6th/7th grade. Camp philosophy is to present to the campers a variety of fun activities where throughtout dance, music, sports, arts and crafts, cooking, farming (petting zoo), gardening, and also assemblies presenting differents shows according to our week theme are elements involved in our activities. We carefully prepared and planned to better serve and cover all areas that we enphasise – which are : develop self-esteem, character, leadership, work in teams or individually and follow directions. Camp also want to prepared and welcome new students making them feel confortable and stress-free when will be the time to transition and start school in the Fall. Learn the school campus, getting to know few staffs and make friends will be a good start for a sucessful school year.

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