Winter Camp – Week 2: Dec. 26th-Dec. 29th


Continue the fun with us in week 2! It is a 4-day week because we will be closed on Christmas Day (Dec. 25th). Still, our week will continue to be fun and full of activities, story time, drama, singing, dance, arts and crafts, and celebrations, saying goodbye to 2023 and getting ready for an amazing 2024!

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  • Masks are not currently required at Season Explorers but we will follow LAUSD and CDC protocols.
  • Bring Lunch and Water (we will provide an individually wrapped snack)

During the three weeks of winter break, campers will be having lots of fun doing arts and crafts, sports, gardening, learning about farm animals, and much more. Our goal is to have a safe and fun environment for all campers. We will divide campers by their age groups. The ages for campers at our program are 4 1/2 if potty trained to 11 years old; our ratio is ten campers per 1 coach with a Jr coach. (Jr coaches are middle or high schoolers that are learning to be a coach). All our coaches or Jr coaches are vaccinated and trained to be around the campers. As I mentioned, campers will do lots of fun activities but only with their appropriate age group; for example, play soccer or any other sports, farm.

Parents must provide lunch and water, please. We will provide a snack during camp hours, and our snacks are individually wrapped (from the store). When going to bathrooms, coaches will stay outside the bathroom’s door, and just two campers at the time will be using the bathroom, by their age groups only. Encouraging to wash hands will be mentioned at all times, plus hand sanitizers will be inside the classes, and outside areas where they play – apparatus will be used and by age groups only. Season Explorers and coaches would appreciate it if parents also pack an extra pair of clothes, especially for the kindergartens and 1st grade age, please (we may get dirty at the farm, etc.).

School gates will be locked at all times, and the camp phone number will be attached out there if parents need to pick up a child earlier or drop off something. If a child goes home with a friend or a different person who usually drops off, please let Mrs. Leila know, or the camper will not be released. Parents, please, you must label all camper’s belongings. No electronics are allowed at camp (we will not be responsible for cell phones); also, encourage your child not to bring their favorite small toys or unique cards. We appreciate it.
Come and have fun with us!!

NOTE: ONLY if Covid19 CDC protocols change, we  will  follow making rules: MASKS at the camp at all times. At the entrance, we will be checking the campers’ temperature, and we will have the right to send a camper home if they have a temperature above 98.6 or coughing constantly. We will also keep the same rules Lausd is using at school regarding parents on campus. We kindly ask that you please drop off your child at the gate; we greatly appreciate it. We will do our best to keep everyone safe.

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4-days-extended (8am to 6pm), 4-days-regular (9am to 4pm)