Meet our Staff!


Leila Wells is the founder of Season Explorers and Colfax Summer and Winter Camp.

“I am originally from Brazil- graduated in Marketing and Advertising as well as in Pedagogy … taught Kindergarten and 1st grade for 6 years in private and public schools there. I love to travel and meet new people and that made me come to the USA.

I always wanted to speak fluent English and thought the best way to do that would be to come here. I have been living in California since 1993. I studied at Cypress College in Seal Beach – Ca my first year here and went to Santa Monica College the second year for English as a second language. Finally going to UCLA for Interior Design … worked at The Beverly Wilshire Hotel for 2 years and met my “Prince” Mike Wells,  a native Studio City resident… and I feel in love with the Valley… which reminds me of my home town in Brazil. The Valley has been my home ever since. Mother of twin boys my heart immediately fell in love with Colfax Elementary School, (at that time not Charter yet). Colfax is a small community with a lot of parent involvement and is different from other schools because of that. Together with amazing teachers and principal we created Colfax Charter Elementary School and as part of this community came Colfax Summer and Winter Camp… my pride and honor.

My goal was to create a safe and familiar environment to Colfax Community providing them and their families an option for the children to spend a quality and have fun time with an enrichment structure, where they can explore and develope their skills. Learn about teamwork, leadership and sportsmanship. I got it, and I am very proud of our Camp and dedicated staff. I would love to you get to know us better. Please visit our webpage check our coaches, Jr couches and outside companiest that are part of this program. We have been operating our camp since 2008 and it has been a blast! Feel free to contact us for any questions or concerns and comments.

We appreciate your time visting our webpage and choosing a camp for our child. Remember what children need the most is… Love, respect, discover, to be listened to, a fostered sense of wonder, the chance to make mistakes, encouragement to try again, room to grow, dream, to be trusted, guidance and Play!”

Thank you !
Leila Wells, Camp Coordinator/Founder


A very important piece in our camp are our coaches and Jr coaches. These people have a huge influence on our campers. For that reason, we carefully select and train them. The majority of our staff has been at our camp since its beginning, and we feel like a big family.

IMG_0103Shushan Avetisyan– I’m a Nursing Student studying Pediatrics. I am a full time student during the school year and a part time employee at Colfax. During the summer I am a full time Colfax Summer Camp Coach. I have worked with kids for five years and I absolutely love seeing them grow and mature into young adults. The Summer Camp is a totally different experience compared to the school year–we teach the kids arts, practice their talents and help the transition to another year simpler, with new friends and knowledge. It’s a very rewarding experience and I hope to see many of the families share this experience with us.

imageMaddieJohnsonMy name is Maddie and this summer will be my 5th year as a coach at Colfax Camp! I’m a Colfax alumni, and I’m so excited that I’m able to come back and be a part of such an amazing program.  I’m currently a senior at the University of California at Santa Barbara, and I absolutely love it! I will be graduating in June of this year with a BA in Psychology.  I’m very interested in working with children, specifically those with special needs. Outside of camp, I really enjoy hiking, reading, and cooking. I can’t wait to come back to camp again this summer and see all the campers!  


photoAranCoach Aran Magana-
Hi. I have been working for ” Beyond the Bell ‘ a YDP Program created by LAUSD for 5 year now and in the last 2 years I was promoted to a traveling supervisor. I have to check 7 different school and coaches. Always making sure the children are well supervised and getting the best of what the program have to offer. It is very rewarding because I have a chance to improve and show my skills to the program , as well to the parents handling and caring about the children and coaches. When I was working at Colfax Charter Elementary School I had the pleasured to meet Mrs. Wells and I knew that at the time she was interviewing coaches for her camp.  She invited me to camp orientation and to learn about it. I really liked her philosophy and action activities. I am a very action person myself, I love sports and at camp she has a variety of sports as soccer, basketball, boxing, archery,capoeira, and I thought I will fit in.  I got the job and it will be 5 years this summer that I am part of Colfax Summer and Winter Camp. I always have a blast playing or coordinating the games with the campers. I am also studying in the medicine filed now and I am fascinate with my new classes. This summer I am looking forward to see all my co-workes at Summer Camp because we are such a great team and it is fun to work in a place where you enjoy it !


NatilyCoach Natily – Hello! This will be my fifth year as a counselor at Colfax Summer Camp! I work with children during the school year, but summer camp is a totally different experience. I love to watch the campers enjoy themselves, use their creativity, and learn through various fun activities. It is such a blast teaching the kids different activities and playing with them outside on a warm summer day. It definitely makes me feel like a kid again! At the moment I am going to school to become a teacher.Each summer I am reminded of how great children are and why I love working with them on a daily basis. They bring out my creativity and every day is something new! It is a special experience watching the campers grow from the beginning of the summer to the end. I get to witness new friendships grow and get to see the shy kiddos come out of their shells! The children are not the only ones learning, I am too and love every minute of it!


StephanieStephanie –  I’m 20 years and I am a student at Los Angeles Valley College. My major is Child Development and I absolutely love working with children. Besides going to school I also tutor different kids from Colfax and it is rewarding see them growing. I also love hiking, reading, cooking, and hanging out with friends during my free time. Colfax summer and Winter camp 2013 will be my fourth year, I love been in there and learn with the campers. We always have different activities and I am looking forward to it.

photoMy name is Grigor Avetisyan, I am an Architecture student. I was a part of YDP  for a couple of years and got to coach for tournaments for different sports like soccer, flag football and softball. I love engaging in fun activities with kids and keeping them healthy in the progress. I have had the chance to get to know some of the Colfax kids and parents through tutoring and babysitting but Colfax Summer Camp is going to be a different experience and I am looking forward to it!


DSC_0649Kevin Kaminyar and I am pre-Med student. I was employed with LAUSD’s Youth Services program and loved being a part of it. I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the Colfax families and be a part of this giving community. I look forward to being a part of Colfax Summer Camp and meeting new campers.





HeadshotTara  Kozoll, MA, BCBA E-RYT 200, has been a contributing camp staff at Colfax Summer Camp

For_Ms_Spector-0teaching yoga, martial arts, and sword with other Pakua faculty since the summer of 2009. 

She began her teaching career out of her mother’s day care center when she was a wee one herself. Tara has always pursued physical disciplines with great dedication and in 2007 began her career as a yoga and martial arts teacher for children and adults.
She has expanded her certifications to include a variety of group fitness certifications, as well as instructor courses and certifications in Tai Chi, Chinese yoga, Acrobatics, Edged Weapons, and her black belt in Martial Arts. She has her master’s degree in teaching with a specialization in applied behavior analysis (ABA). Tara studies and teaches because it enriches her own mind, body, and spirit, she wishes to share that wealth with the world.






marineHi My name is Marine Kasabyan and I am a warm and caring Preschool teacher, After School Coach, and also a Camp Counselor. Choosing a career that involves working with children has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. It is both fulfilling and gratifying to be a part of such a special time in each child’s life. My desire to work with children came about during my middle school years. Many years later, my passion has remained and I’m happy to say that I love what I do! My time here at Colfax has been that of growth for me. I have been able to further develop my personal philosophy in regards to how I should foster the growth and attend to the needs of all children. I believe that all children deserve love, guidance and respect for their individuality. Every child is unique and special so it is important that they be treated accordingly to their individual needs in a sensitive matter at all times. I want all children to be successful learners and I work to create a joyful atmosphere that is stimulating, encouraging, and adaptive to the varied needs of children. I love getting to learn from children every single day. I can often be picked out in a crowd as the Happiest. I am devoted to loud cheering, singing, dancing, playing all sorts of fun and games. I also have a fantastic sense of humor, often looking on the bright side of any given day. I have a insatiable appetite for bringing the word fun into a different level. In the summer I am typically sitting in the front row of a roller coaster, raising the paddle in the air while rafting down a river with friends and family, singing at the top of my lungs at a campfire, ziplining over the  ocean is a must. In the winter I am typically Ice skating around a outdoor ice  rink or driving out to Mountain High for some skiing and snowboarding lessons.  This year it will be my 3rd year working at Colfax Summer and Winter Camp and always has been a pleasure and fun for me. I am looking forward to another fantastic year and Summer.

image-AlisonAlison Rosenblum is a musical theatre performer who is currently in the process of earning her teaching credential from California State University, Northridge. An avid sports fan, Alison and her husband watch baseball, football, and hockey without fail. Alison plays catcher for her softball team every weekend and used to coach and referee for the American Youth Soccer Organization after being a player for many years. She loves to teach and create music, having been a singer for most of her life. She also currently works as a teacher’s aide at Colfax Elementary, working with a wonderful group of children.


FuentesHi my name is Albert Fuentes, I am a student at Pasadena City College studying sociology. During the school year I work at Colfax Elementary with the after-school program E3 (Enrichment Educational Experiences). I do various classes with E3 like art, science, and sports. I have worked for E3 for 3 years and been working with kids for 6 years. This will be my first year working the summer camp and I am excited to have fun with the students and teach them new games and activities. My favorite pass times are playing soccer, going on hikes, and traveling. I am looking forward to making new memories this year at the summer camp.



10195_762632210433305_1740635952_nMy name is Andreyna Leon, or Andy for short. I’m 20 years old and a student at Los Angles Valley college, majoring in Veterinary Technology.  This will be my second year working at Colfax Summer Camp. I was a volunteer at first and would come in when I had the time, now I work there full time and I love it! It is an amazing experience, and I enjoy every bit of it .  I spend my free time reading, drawing and hanging out with my friends. I look forward in spending another great summer at Colfax Summer Camp



My name is Jayson Newman. I graduated from Taft high school in Woodland Hills. I play baseball and grew up playing all sports. I was born in Dallas, Texas in 1997. I attended the camp growing up, when I moved from Vancouver, Canada. I have now lived in Los Angeles for nine years. When in college I want to study sports management, business, advertising or journalism. This summer camp has influenced me greatly. Since I attended the camp, I have seen the progress, and how quickly the kids grow up.[/su_column]


IMG_4266Hi my name is Jon-Luc Dargenton and I am a Colfax alumni, Class of ‘08. I have volunteered at Camp Colfax before and I am more than thrilled to join the Coaches team. My mother, Karyn Dargenton, currently works at Colfax and has been involved at the school through the PTA since I started Kindergarten almost 13 years ago. Coming back to the Colfax campus is always a pleasure and privileged and I am excited to begin.

When camp begins I will have recently graduated from Crespi Carmelite High School, and I plan to take my passion for science and service to a 4-year University in the fall and hopefully onto Medical School after that. I have experience in childcare because I have been babysitting for Colfax families and teachers throughout my time in high school. My mother has also worked in childcare for most of my life and I’ve been able to gain experience first-hand through volunteering. I also have a passion for music and athletics. My favorite sport is volleyball and I’ve been playing the flute since the 3rd grade. My biggest passion, however, is interacting with and getting to know people from every walk of life. I look forward to getting to know you, your campers, and to making this year at Colfax Camp the best ever!



photo(20)Hi my name is Saul Ramirez, I am a student at Los Angeles Valley College majoring in psychology. I'm a full time student planning on transfering to UCSB. I'm excited for my first year at the summer camp. I hope to make great summer memories full of fun activities for everyone. During my free time i like to cook, draw,  eat at new restuarants and explore new places. I look forward to an amazing time at camp


Hello everyone,

My name is Yamilet, but please feel free to call me Yami. I am currently a senior at California State University Northridge. I am working on my bachelors degree in Child development. I currently work for the after school program Enrichment Education Experience (E3) at Colfax Charter Elementary School. I have been working with children from ages 3 months-10 years of age for 3 years now. I hope to someday become an accredited teacher and continue my journey in education. I am looking forward to meeting all of you at Colfax Camp this summer!



Morgan_mcCrayMorgan McCray
Hello! This will be my first year at Colfax Summer Camp! And I am really looking forward to building new memories this year. During the school year I am a student at Valley College as a Child Development major and work with the afterschool program E3 at Chandler Learning Academy.  It is my second year with the program, but I have worked with children for 8 years in total. Working with children is one of my passions. I love watching how they connect and interact with each other over experiences. Outside of work I love cooking, being outdoors, traveling, and photography. I’m looking forward to a summer of new experiences!